The Provost’s office is responsible for overseeing several processes that are supported by online forms.  These forms are available at certain times for Middlebury faculty, students and staff.  For additional information about these processes please see the following website:

If you have any questions specifically about this form please contact Lisa LaRose at

Complete this form for any Middlebury/MIIS-sponsored (funded, credited, supported, represented) program eight weeks before committing to the program.


  • If a request is approved, it is approved under the conditions at the time of approval.  If a (new) travel advisory is issued or the security situation changes, the proposal must be reconsidered.
  • Individuals must be legally authorized to work in the country where they will be employed, as well as have the proper immigration status. For non-citizens, this usually includes a work visa sponsored by a host country employer. If the proposal includes any hires (current Middlebury/MIIS personnel as well as new hires) who will be working and getting paid for their work abroad, you must contact Middlebury HR at, with a copy to Global Operations at, to discuss a viable staffing option.

Please complete this form to request CT funding for a project in the Schools Abroad.

Middlebury Office of the Provost