Complete this form for any Middlebury/MIIS-sponsored (funded, credited, supported, represented) program eight weeks before committing to the program.


  • If a request is approved, it is approved under the conditions at the time of approval.  If a (new) travel advisory is issued or the security situation changes, the proposal must be reconsidered.
  • Individuals must be legally authorized to work in the country where they will be employed, as well as have the proper immigration status. For non-citizens, this usually includes a work visa sponsored by a host country employer. If the proposal includes any hires (current Middlebury/MIIS personnel as well as new hires) who will be working and getting paid for their work abroad, you must contact Middlebury HR at, with a copy to Global Operations at, to discuss a viable staffing option.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.